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Under Wing

The vast majority of kids now above the age of 8 now own a smart phone. Whilst most are allowed phones for there "safety", there seems to be very little effort to take advantage of the features to keep them safe.

With this is mind we are creating an application which gives the parent piece of mind that their child is safe, and the child the chance to check in with their parents with a simple button.

Our app:

  • Unique secure login and sign up
  • Bespoke messaging service
  • SOS
  • Fast response / minimal effort

Under Wing was completed as part of a university assignment for the Mobile Applications module. It was developed as a team of four and my contribution to the project was creating the design and implementing it into a prototype, and contributing to the development of the functionality such as implementing the sign up and adding family member to family account, in addition to the interface throughout the app.

A £500 grant from Sheffield Hallam Union as part of the Social Enterprise was received for this project to fund continuation of the development. Unfortunately my group and I decided that it would be best to put the project on hold due to security issues. We of course did not accept the money!